This weekend I preached/taught 7 different times at Jefferson Baptist Church so I am ready for Monday. Monday’s are great days, sometimes I go fishing, sometimes I play golf, sometimes I drive up to see my Mom with Patty, but tomorrow I am going to sleep in until 8:00 am, then when I get up and go into the bathroom I will pray my morning prayer of commitment which takes about 5 minutes, but is probably the most important thing I do each and every day, as I declare Jesus Lord of my life, and ask for His guidance, power and wisdom for the day. Then I am going to repair my riding lawnmower, if it is a burn day, I am going to burn the huge pile of limbs and brush behind my house, I am going to work on my go-kart for a little bit, I am going to see if I can figure out why my hot tub won’t heat and fix it, and I am going to do a little shop clean up and organizing. After that some friends are coming over and we are going to watch Monday Night Football, eat fried chicken, pizza, tacos, chips, and ice cream! Anybody is welcome to come on over, it should be a really good game. After everybody leaves I will hop on my stationary bike and pedal hard for 60 minutes, and while I am pedaling I will read my Bible for 30 minutes, and then read in a good book for 30 minutes. Then I will go sit in my recliner and pray for 30 minutes, write my blog which usually takes about 30 minutes, write in my journal as I reflect, examine my life, think back on the day and confess all known sin to God. I usually do the confessing and repenting in writing, because it is usually much more heart felt and real. Sometime in the midst of this Patty will come in to go to bed, and we will pray together. I have been not doing very well on praying with Patty but I made a new goal and commitment today so it will happen. I will then read my goals, write down what I did that day with approximate times that I spent doing each activity, and then make a “to do” list for the next day. I will conclude the day with a short prayer time thanking the Lord for all that He has done for me. Yep, Monday’s are good days.

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