Wood Splitting

Yesterday I ran my chain saw for 5 hours straight, and today I split and stacked that same wood for 5 hours. The big difference was that I had 7 grandkids here helping me split and stack it, what a fun day it was. They all worked very hard, and we got a lot done, about one more hour of splitting and stacking, and we will be done with that job until next year. One of my and Patty’s goals in raising our kids was to teach them to enjoy working hard, that they would have the character trait of diligence. It was rewarding and fun to see 2 of our kids working with their kids, our grandkids today teaching them how to work and enjoy it. Of course working with grandpa is what really makes it fun, especially when he has grandma bring out Cokes for everyone and we have hot dogs for lunch. I had a young college age boy visit me several years ago and he said he was unmotivated to do anything but play video games, and that he was lazy. He said he knew he was lazy, he didn’t like being lazy, but he didn’t know how to fix it, to change, and he came to me for advice. I gave him a dozen Bible verses on diligence to memorize, a good book on diligence to read and told him to come back in a week and we would discuss what he had learned. He came back the next week but he hadn’t memorized any verses or read even one page in the book, to unmotivated he said. That was the last time I saw him. I have thought of that event numerous times and have wondered what I could have done for him, should have done for him that would have helped him to escape this significant character flaw. I still haven’t figured it out yet for sure, but that short experience with this unmotivated young person made me very thankful for my parents who taught me to love working, and for my parents work ethic being passed down to my grandchildren.

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