Chain sawing

I ran a chain saw for about 5 hours straight today cutting up some really big fir trees for fire wood for our household to burn. Wood heat is the main heat for our entire house so getting a good supply of good wood is important. We have had wood heat since we were married 50 years ago so I have cut a lot of firewood over the years and have spent a lot of hours running a chainsaw. I enjoy cutting firewood very much, I am not sure why, but I do. Even though I enjoy it, tonight I am totally tuckered out, and I am sitting here in my recliner with every muscle in my body screaming at me for abusing them. Sitting here thinking about the day, I wonder how many more cords of firewood I have in me. I am fighting this getting old thing but it doesn’t feel like I am winning. As I sit in my recliner right now I am so tired I am struggling big time trying to focus my thinking to finish this blog. In fact I think I will call this good.

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