One Another-ing

I am going to be doing the preaching in the main worship services at JBC for the next 3 weeks while Pastor Mike is in Sierra Leone, West Africa teaching at our Bible College there. I am going to teach about the “One Another-ing” commands given in the New Testament. There are 18 different commands given, and they are basically the commands given by God on how to have an amazing, wonderful, joy filled relationship with just about any person in your life. A few of the 18 are, “encourage one another, be kind to one another, serve one another, forgive one another, and accept one another”. Reading over the 18 “One Another’s” in the context of where they are in the New Testament” makes me feel this strong longing for such an environment in my life where these commands are lived out consistently. I guess they will be in heaven, and that is where I am headed. In the mean time we work hard at getting better at living these basic relational commands day after day. Through discipline they will eventually become a learned skill, and then after a season of faithfully practicing these commands they will move to habit, and then they will become character traits. Once they are embedded in our soul as character that is who we are, that is how we act, we can’t not do them. How cool is that! Every morning now I present myself to Jesus as my King and Lord, committing myself to pursue Him and obeying these commands, asking Him for the power and strength through the Holy Spirit to overcome the pull of my flesh, the influence of the world and the temptation of the devil and his demons that push me hard toward self-absorption and selfishness.

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