More Emotions

You don’t have to act the way you feel, and if you do most people will think that you are childish, selfish, dumb, a bitter old man, divisive, grumpy, and a person to avoid. So what do I do with these emotions in me? Ignore them, stuff them, pretend they don’t exist? God cares about my emotions, I can dump everything on Him, and there is no fear that He will reject me. Most of the Psalms are a roller coaster of emotional experience and expression, and most of the Psalms are a prophecy of the coming Messiah, which clearly indicates that Jesus was a very emotional man. When I am depressed I tell the Lord, and I talk to Him about why and what can I do now. When I am angry I unload on the Lord again, and I pray for those I am angry at, sometimes I pray that God will give them a severe case of diarrhea for 6 months. When I am afraid I pray and ask God for boldness. God knows my heart, and He knows the emotions that I am feeling, He understands and fills my heart with His peace and joy. The key is spend time with God everyday, and talk to Him about your day, talk to Him about everything.

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