Late Birthday Party

On October 27th, the day of my birthday everyone in my family was busy so we postponed celebrating my 70th birthday until tonight. All 5 of the local kids, their spouse and their kids came over, and we had barbecued elk burger, vegetables, and apple pie with ice cream. Everyone sang a special song for me complete with 4 ukuleles, a flute, trombone, and a drum. Afterwards everyone sat around and told stories of the growing up years with lots of laughter. It was a very enjoyable evening, and a great birthday party. As the kids told stories I was surprised at how many of them I didn’t remember. Kind of sad thinking about all the years of raising our 8 kids and realizing that I have forgotten most of it. I wonder sometimes if I will have a perfect memory when I get to heaven so I can remember every detail of every experience with the kids, Patty, and the church. I suspect there are some memories I would rather forget. One thing for sure is that we will have so much more understanding of why things happened the way that they did. So many mysteries that exist now will all be cleared up when we see things from God’s perspective. The most important principle to follow while living life is “keep your eyes on the finish line”. The finish line for those who know and follow Jesus is heaven, eternity with God. When we focus on eternity our joy goes up, our ability to manage pressure goes up, our willingness to take a risk goes up,

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