I am having a wonderful time building a go kart with my two, 10 year old grandsons. Today we got the back axle installed complete with a tire at both ends of the axle, seated, sealed, and full of air, compliments of starting fluid and some late night explosions. We also got the motor installed, lined up and squared with the axle, with a drive chain cut the perfect length and installed as well. Put motor oil and gas in the engine and it started the first pull. I have a belt drive torque converter/Transmission bolted to the engine, and as the engine ran it worked perfectly. I had the back end lifted up sitting on a bucket so the tires could spin freely as it ran. Wow, I was so impressed with our creation! I was basking in the success of our project when all of a sudden I realized that the tires were spinning in the wrong direction, it was going backwards. I had failed to pull the starter rope and see which direction the engine turned before doing all the work getting everything on. I can’t believe I did that!!

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