Suffer Successfully

I like the title of this blog. We all will go through tough times eventually, some more than others. I believe God plans those events, and brings them into our life to grow our character. If the purpose of the trials results in significant character growth we have suffered successfully, but if the suffering results in bitterness, self-pity, grumbling, and conflict with others we have failed miserably and are a failure. The worst part of failing these events from a human perspective is that now we have to take the test over again until we pass it. I flunked a very important test in college, in fact it was so important that I couldn’t graduate without passing it. My professor said we can arrange for another test to be administered, but understand something, the next test is more difficult than the first one, and if you flunk it again the next will be even more difficult yet, and if you flunk that one you will need to take another full semester of classes in order to graduate. I remember thinking, whooeee, I wish I had studied more on that first test. How do you suffer successfully? The first step is to recognize that, this is what life is about, so get over thinking when you have a major trial that God is being unloving and unfair, He is getting us fit for eternity, how is that uncaring.

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