Lost key

I was planning on going fishing tomorrow in my big boat, but I have lost the key for it, the one that starts the outboard motor, the only one I have. I went fishing with it last Monday, and I am sure I took the key out and put it in my pocket, but I can’t find it. I looked every place I could think of that it could possibly be, and no key. What is really aggravating is that I probably put it somewhere so I wouldn’t lose it, and I just can’t remember doing it, or where I put it. I worked myself up onto a pretty good lather over this thing as I got more and more disgusted with myself for losing it, for not getting a spare, for my apparent senility, and on the list goes.

Well, I have decided that I can put my 9.9 horse power trolling motor on and get by. We fish right from the ramp so we will troll using my electric trolling motor and not get to far away from the ramp, and come back with the trolling motor. We probably will catch a ton of fish.

Now I am talking to myself, or more accurately lecturing myself for getting so agitated about this deal. It has been awhile since I have let myself get so upset about something so unimportant. It will probably show up in a couple of days, and then I will remember where a I put it. I will figure out how to get a new one, and then I will get 10 of them made!

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