Right now I am teaching 5 different leadership classes at JBC. The definition that I use of leadership is, “Leadership is Influence”. Influence is like control , but much less obvious. Influence is changing people and situations by the authority that God has given to us. God’s authority is not position or title, it is like the power of a magnet over iron filings. A force that is invisible with results that are very visible. All real authority comes from God, it is His authority which He gives to people who have earned it. The more of His authority that we receive from Him because of doing those things that prompt Him to give us greater levels of this God force, the more we influence and change people, we change their behavior, we change their beliefs, we change their habits, and we change their character. God uses us as change agents because of our behavior, beliefs, habits, and character. The number of really powerful leaders is relatively rare because so few have all the character traits that God requires in order for Him to give us His authority or sovereignty. A major challenge for leader wannabes is balance. A good leader is aggressive but wise, they are disciplined but not rigid, they are just but not judgmental, they lead but they also follow, they are strong and confident, and also gentle and gracious, they are decisive and at the same time cautious, and on the list goes. In order for any person to grow into a healthy leader that a God uses and works through, they must spend much time in personal reflection in order to determine the things in their life that need to be worked on. I enjoy teaching “leadership” to men and woman in our church who can become major influencers and change agents in their family, their community, their work place, and their church family. People who God works through to make disciples for Him. I also want to become more and more effective as a leader that God gives His authority to do I can change things for God’s glory.

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