I am supposed to have 70 goals this year if I follow my tradition of having a goal for each year of my life, but I think I am going to declare that 70 is to many for a 70 year old, in fact 69 was to much for a 69 year old last year. I think I will go with 50 goals in honor of our 50th wedding anniversary coming up in August, or I could go with 42 because this Sunday is our 42nd year as pastor of jbc. I think I will go with 50, nice round number.

I am trying to come up with a really cool BHAG, a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”. My goal of a 2000 mile Bicycle Trip doesn’t really count as one, because I have done 2,000 or more for the last 5 years so it is getting to be an ordinary goal. I think I will do the “Pacific Crest 72.3 mile BeastMan Duathlon” with a 58 mile bicycle ride followed by a 13.1 mile half marathon run which starts at about 4,500 foot elevation and has almost 3,000 feet of climbing in it. Whoooeeee, I might think about that one for a couple of weeks before I write it down.

One of the observable laws of life is that as a man gets older, especially 70 and above, he slows down exponentially, meaning he has less energy, he can’t remember where he put things, it is against the rules to climb a ladder, he can’t see well enough to tie a hook on his leader, and he might have to wear Depends. I think it is called the second law of thermometers, or thermos, or therapy, I can’t remember.

So I have to make some crazy effort to slow this law down.

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