I went fishing on the Willamette River today with my friend Andy Keesecker, and we caught over a hundred crappie, a few small mouth bass, and some perch. The weather was comfortable, the coffee was super, the lunch was awesome, the fellowship was sweet, and the fishing was a blast, can’t get much better than that. It took me a couple of hours to fillet all of them, but it probably wouldn’t have taken so long had I not kept running into the house to watch a few minutes of Monday Night Football.

Now I am sitting in my new recliner, it really isn’t new, it is one my Mom had that she didn’t like. It is very comfortable and it is an electric power chair, in that it has a control that I can use to put the chair in about any position. It has a zillion different combinations of positions with the back and the foot stool. After a nice day like today I am feeling motivated to pray a bunch tonight for everybody in JBC, and my nice, new recliner is a great place to pray. I have had nights where I pray for an hour and then fall asleep, and then I wake up in a couple of hours and pray for another hour, and then fall asleep again, and go through the night doing that. After a night like that, I have a great sense of having done something that really matters and will probably matter for all eternity.

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