Goals 3

This picture didn’t turn out very good, but it is a picture of the route we are taking this year on our bicycle trip. It starts in Jefferson on the left, goes to Burns, Oregon, Yellowstone, Missoula, and goes as far East as Choteau, Montana, then goes North to Glacier National Park, and then back through Idaho and Washington, and then back down to Jefferson again. We will ride 1997 miles in 27 days, which is an average of 74 miles a day, and we will have 7 rest days, getting us back home on July 3rd. I have traveled the entire route by Google Earth and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful route. I use 4 different bicycle routing apps to come up with the route and make the map. I have a map for each day made and have them downloaded onto my cell phone. I have a handy holder for my phone so I can see the route on my phones screen as well as my present speed, average speed, fastest speed, how many miles traveled, how many miles left to travel, and a profile of the elevation. I have all the camp sites identified that we will stay at, and also all the points of interest and major scenery places. One of my goals is to come home with 30 sermons/lessons outlined on the New Testament books of Philippians and Colossians as I study and read each night. This has been a major blessing of these annual bicycle treks,getting the lessons and sermons all done. These trips each year have been the main reason that I keep on top of my Parkinson’s I am sure, and they also are such a key to my passion, vision, and enthusiasm for life and ministry staying hot..

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