I haven’t felt good today. I get sick about once every 5 years so I have been spoiled in that regard. I try and ignore it and just do my normal routine, but I slip into short bouts of self-pity periodically, and then lapse into “nothingness”. I try and use the time sitting in my recliner to read, write, and pray, but I am struggling to focus and have to keep going back to reread what I just read, or rewrite what I just wrote because when I go back and reread it, it seems so stupid.

Good health is such a blessing, and should never be taken for granted. As I sit here feeling awful I have written a new goal, “I will end every day thanking the Lord for my health, even when I don’t feel well I will thank him for the good days in the past, and declare to Him that I am looking forward to when He comes and delivers us from this world and this body, and we get our new, glorified body that will be super strong and never get sick or tired.

Going to bed early tonight and seeing if 8 hours of sleep will make a difference tomorrow.

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