God Bless you

I write and speak a lot on the Blessings of God. God promises blessings for reading His Word, He promises blessings to those who pray, there is at least a dozen blessings listed very specifically for fearing Him, there are some very cool blessings for those who give their hard earned money away to God’s work, and there are blessings promised for kids who honor their parents.

In our American culture most have given the word blessing a very secular meaning. If someone walks into a room which you are in with others, and this person announces loudly that God has blessed him, what comes to your mind? Most will think that the person got a raise, a promotion, a new car, or an unexpected vacation to Hawaii. We like easy, more, and better, so we equate that with blessing. God’s blessings have to do with growth, character development, and fruit bearing that glorifies and pleases God. Remember, in God’s plan hard is good, and easy is bad. The devil has reversed that so now instead of pursuing lasting fruit we pursue comfort and security. Motive is important.

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