25 Blessings from God for Reading His Word Faithfully

1. Wisdom is knowing what to and what to say in any situation we find ourself in. Wisdom is solving problems and overcoming obstacles in our life. The more wisdom we have the more we will understand God. Psalms 119:97-98 O how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day. Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies, For they are ever mine.

2. Success is accomplishing the goals that God prompted me to write down and pursue. 2 Chronicles 31:21 Every work which he began in the service of the house of God in law and in commandment, seeking his God, he did with all his heart and prospered. Psalms 1:2-3 But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night. He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers.

3. I hunger and thirst to be more and more righteous. 2 Timothy 2:22 Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, Psalms 119:11 Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.

4. Inner strength gives me the ability to manage great loads of responsibility without burning out or getting weary. Psalms 119:28 My soul weeps because of grief; Strengthen me according to Your word.

5. If I seek the Lord, I will find Him, if I draw near to God He will draw near to me. I can know the Lord intimately, and the more I read His Word the closer my walk with Him will become.

6. Joy does not come from good times or good things, joy comes from the Lord. Psalms 119:111 I have inherited Your testimonies forever, For they are the joy of my heart.

7. The devil wants to devour me, cause me to sin , and steal all of my joy. 1 John 2:14 I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one.

8. The greatest fear of almost every person is to be shamed. God protects us from shame as we honor Him by honoring His Word. Psalms 119:22 Take away reproach and contempt from me, For I observe Your testimonies.

9. The motivation to pray grows stronger as I faithfully read the Bible. My faith that God will indeed answer my prayers grows ever stronger as I read the Bible. My influence with God and my power in prayer continually increases as I faithfully read His Word.

10. God has a plan for my life, and that plan is great, but I must seek for it diligently. Those who faithfully read His Word know what the will of God is for their life.

11. Every believer ought to be teacher in some way. Some make the Word come alive when they teach it, and others bore those they teach. Those who faithfully read the Bible will be used by God to teach others.

12. Rejoice always and grumble about nothing. Those who faithfully read the Bible grow to become more and more positive as a Christian who sees the good instead of all the problems.

13. Understanding what the Bible means is a challenge, but those who faithfully read it grow in their understanding of it, and every time through the word results in greater depth of understanding.

14. Self-control is a foundational character trait. The strength of our self-control is a key in defeating the devil’s temptation, the draw of the world, and conquering our own flesh. Making a commitment or goal to read the Word and faithfully pursuing that goal is a great exercise to grow strong in this key character trait.

15. Loving the world and the stuff in the world is a major obstacle in our loving God. Faithfully reading the Word truly helps us see things with their true value or more accurately lack of value.

16. Hebrews 5:13-14 says that those who faithfully partake of solid spiritual food, and are accustomed to the Word will be able to discern between good and evil, truth and lies, right and wrong.

17. Without faith it is impossible to please God. If we have faith even as small as a mustard seed nothing will be impossible for us. Abraham grew strong in faith. We grow our faith by reading the Word of God.

18. If we have no fear of death, all other fears will be conquered as well. As we faithfully read the living Word of God our fear of death is replaced by genuine anticipation of the glory of eternity.

19. We think about things other than what we see, and we think about things other than what we are doing at any given time. Colossians 3 says to “set your mind on the things above”. Every believer will stand before Jesus and give an accounting of his life and be rewarded for the work they have done for God. Our focus on the Word gets us focused on the finish line.

20. Paul told Timothy that all food is good if received with gratitude and that it is sanctified by means of the Word and prayer. There are a number of factors in having good health, and one of the most important is God’s blessing, which He gives to those who seek Him diligently by reading His Word.

21. We get callouses on our hands, and scares on our body, and we also get them on our soul from painful events. God’s Word restores or heals our soul.

22. If we abide in Jesus and His Word abides in us we will bear much fruit, accomplish much with our life that matters, that changes things, and that is eternal.

23. The hardest thing in life to do is to love unlovable people, but as I faithfully read the Word my love for every person God sovereignly brings into my life will grow and abound.

24. Always speaking wholesome words, and never words that hurt or tear down is also incredibly hard. As we faithfully read the Bible our speech becomes more and more grace filled.

25. Leadership is influence, and godly leaders influence others towards greater faith in, and love of God. This influence is an invisible force given to us by God as we honor Him by honoring His Word.

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