The Blessings of Faithfully Reading the Bible #25

An illustration that I use with young people that I am teaching about leadership is a white piece of paper with iron filings on it, and a magnet. I move the magnet around under the paper resulting in the iron filings moving as well. Some people are like that magnet, they influence other people’s behavior, and they do it like the magnet’s influence over the iron filings. The magnet doesn’t touch the iron filings, it has this invisible force or attraction that influences. When people have this ability to influence others, to lead with seemingly an invisible force or attraction we usually say that they have charisma. Instead of charisma I use the word “sovereignty”. Charisma is usually understood as a gift that some have that they were born with, but sovereignty is given to us by God as we earn it. The Bible teaches that God is all sovereign, He controls everything, but He gives His sovereignty to people who have been faithful with responsibility that they have. In the parable Jesus teaches about the talents He says, “you have been faithful in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things”. I would describe faithfulness as doing what you committed to doing even when you don’t feel like it, when it isn’t convenient, when you are tired etc. so many people’s Bible reading is irregular because they read when it works out, when they feel like it. Psalms 1 describes the faithful person as one who meditates on the Word day and night. Nobody just feels like doing that, they do it because they made the commitment to, and they keep their commitment. Faithfully reading the Bible every day is a value that we have established in our life, and we rarely miss, good days and bad days, because we are faithful. A major blessing they receive is power to influence others.

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