The Blessings of Faithfully reading the Bible Everyday

In my last blog 2 days ago I mentioned that I have a list of 25 blessings that come into the life of any person who faithfully abides in the Word of God, and a number of you have since asked for that list. It actually started out as 50, grew to 100, and then shrunk to 25. It began in 1973 when I was a student at Western Baptist Bible College, now called Corban University. The professor I had in my Hermeneutics class declared that there were at least 50 blessings for being devoted to the Word of God in Psalms 119. He went on to say that anyone who could find them, and write each one out clearly would get an “A” for the class. That was a great offer as far as I was concerned so I jumped in to an intense study of Psalms 119 and found my 50,and the went on in the next week and found 50 more giving me 100 blessing that God gives if we are devoted to His Word. Over the years I reduced the list to 25 blessings, they are cool blessings, and I want, really want each of these blessings in my life. These are not listed in level of importance or value, this is just the route that my study took me.

(1) The first blessing of abiding in God’s Word is wisdom. Psalms 119:97-100 says I will have more wisdom than the old person, more wisdom than my enemies, and more wisdom than my teachers. The topic of the book of Proverbs is primarily wisdom and how to get it. When I have wisdom I will know what to say in any situation, and I will know what to do, and I can solve the problems that come into my life. The more wisdom I have the more intimate my conversation with God will be because the person with wisdom thinks like God. I want more and more wisdom, I crave it, and I will faithfully do whatever it will take to become a wise man. God promises that if I meditate on His Word I will become wiser and wiser.

The next 24 blessings are as important to us as the first one.

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