I don’t feel like it

Have you ever been at a place in your life when you knew what you should do, but you didn’t feel like it, not just passively, but quite aggressively, you know, with a bit of a growl in your voice when you said, “I don’t feeeeel like it”. So what now? Do you just pass on it, and declare your flesh the winner? If you do it will happen again, and then again with increasing regularity. But sometimes you are just plain tuckered out and there isn’t much fight in you, your self-control level is way down on the dip stick. Like tonight, I still have 14 chapters in my Bible to read, and it is 9:30, and boy did that 98 degree heat sap my energy, “I don’t want to read my Bible tonight”! So what I do at this point is not make it a fight, but instead motivate myself to the point of wanting to , a little bit anyway. I have a list of 25 very cool blessings that comes into the life of those who honor God by honoring His Word, and it takes just a couple of seconds to look them up on my phone and read them reflectively, pondering on how each blessing would impact me as a pastor, husband, dad, and grandfather. There is something about reward and blessing that really motivates me, and takes away the resistance.

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