Alaska Next

Some of you asked me,what is next in my life as far as adventures go, and my answer is, ” I am going fishing in Alaska.” For most of the winter I was working on building a 24 foot Dory Boat that was designed to launch off of the beach. I am leaving Friday morning with Patty, myself, and a couple friends who are going along to help drive the boat to Alaska. It is 2,500 miles to Soldotna and we are going to drive straight through without stopping to sleep. We will rotate drivers and sleep in the car while we are driving, and stop for gas and food. It will take us approximately 50 hours to get there. The Alaskan Highway is the most beautiful in the world, and we will also see lots of wildlife. When Patty and I drove it a couple of years ago we saw 92 bears, besides buffalo, mountain lion, moose, elk, caribou, deer, and mountain goats.

When we get there we will be fishing for Sockeye Salmon in Soldotna, and we will be going out into Cook Inlet to fish for Halibut. We will launch the boat at Ninilchik, where there is a company that hooks on the boat trailer with a big 4 wheel drive skidder and backs the boat into the ocean far enough to float the boat off of the trailer. When we are done fishing we radio when close and they back the trailer in again, and we drive the boat up on the trailer and they pull it out. I have have never done this before, so it should be an adventure for sure. I have never operated a boat in the ocean so this is a new area of learning and experience for me, but I will have a number of friends fishing with me that have and will teach me. I am looking forward to catching lots of Sockeye, Halibut, and Ling Cod, and bringing home several hundred pounds of fish.

I am bringing my 12 year old grandson, Jesse we us and he is going to have an experience of a lifetime catching fish bigger than he is. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with him fishing, talking about life, guy stuff, and Jesus.

Between right now and Friday morning at 5 am I have 52 things on my “to do” list to get done before we leave, some as easy as round up all my life jackets, and others a bit more complicated like installing my “Fish Finder – GPS” mounted on the boat.

As my schedule and focus changes, the challenge is to keep my “spiritual disciplines” faithful and regular. It is so easy to forget to give God time and to seek Him first, but absolutely super important if I want to grow.

1 thought on “Alaska Next

  1. mompalomo

    Pastor Dee, every time I read your blog, I am struck with the honesty of your stories, your life. I love who you are. I am blessed beyond measure to be influenced by you. Jesus is so good!



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