Dee’s Bicycle Trip – last day

We camped last night at Idanha, and left this morning at 5:30 am and road 64 miles to home. I road into our driveway at 1:30 pm with a bunch of grandkids waiting and cheering for me as I pedaled the last 100 feet of the trip. I was surprised at the rush of emotion I felt as they yelled, “welcome home, grandpa”. It was nice to be home. Most of the 64 miles was downhill or level and there was no headwind, and because we left so early and then cut off at Mehama to a country side road that went through Scio we had very little traffic, a great last day ride. After I visited with kids, grandkids, and Patty I laid down in my nice, comfortable bed and took a nap. I then went down to my office and got caught up on all that took place while I was gone from my secretary, Jean, read and answered emails, and worked on my sermon. I preached tonight and I will in both services tomorrow. I had a real struggle with my voice tonight, and I am hoping that a good nights sleep will fix it for tomorrow.

One of the things I preached about tonight was how to have strength and energy when you get old. God gives strength to the weary, but there are a lot of weary Christians out in the world who don’t seem to be getting much of that strength and energy from God. I shared 5 keys to receiving that gift from God tonight. (1) Have a strong desire to do something with your life that matters, really matters, what Jesus calls fruit in John 15. God gives us His strength for a purpose, to bear fruit for Him, not just to be able to function and do what everybody else does. If you don’t aspire to bear fruit, more fruit, and much fruit don’t expect God to give you His power. (2) Ask God for His strength, ask a lot, ask often, ask every time you feel tired, ask a hundred times a day. (3) Control your thinking. Don’t think, “I am tired”, because you will become more tired. There are dozens of verses in the Bible about God promising to give strength to the weary, memorize several of them, and as soon as a “I’m tired” thought pops into your head choose to set your mind on one of those verses and meditate on it. (4) Control your mouth. Don’t ever say, never, ever, absolutely never say, ” I am so tired”. If you weren’t, you will be now, and if you were it will now be 10 times worse. (5) Control your flesh. Get up and do something that matters. But, I am so tired, you say, get up and do something anyway, do not let how you feel dictate how you act or what you do. If you feel tired, exhausted even, and you get up and do something that will bear fruit, you won’t die, but you probably will start feeling better. I am not saying you shouldn’t rest, but rest systematically, and then do something great.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip – last day

  1. Rod Beckner

    Congratulations on grinding out the miles over the last 2 months. Also to your brother & Kathy. Tom deserves a prize for all the support he gave with the motorhome and other duties.



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