Alaska Fishing

Before I can leave for Alaska to go fishing this Friday I have a long list of things I need to get done. There are some things on the list that are under the category of “it would be nice to get that done before I leave”, and then there are those things that are super important and really ought to be done before I go, and then there are those things that have to get done or I can’t go. Obviously the sub-group on my Alaska to do list “things that must get done or I can’t go” have the highest priority, and I will focus on getting those checked off before moving to the others. Today it was interesting to me to note how much I was drawn to do the things that weren’t on the “have to or I am stuck home” list. Why would I spend time on things that don’t have to get done and ignore things that absolutely must get done. I do it all the time, why? It really is stupid, and nonsensical, but I do it anyway. I don’t know the answer for sure, but my guess is that the things that must get done, as I look at the list of them, aren’t very fun, or exciting, they all would easily be described by my Dad as chores. An aspect of the character trait of self-control is choosing to do what is most important, and must get done. I really want to go fishing in Alaska so I have a strong motivation that greatly helps my self control. In all of life a key principle of self control is reward. I am working at attaching a big reward to the most important activities in my life even if I have to manufacture the rewards so that I maintain focus on the things that really matter.

2 thoughts on “Alaska Fishing

  1. Rich Layman

    I have really enjoyed following you on your trip this summer, Dee. Regarding tasks that need to be done vs others and what gets my priority, this is a constant battle I fight and often lose. However, I am currently reading a great book which has been very helpful and already seeing the fruits of its content and it titled, “Getting Things Done, the art of stress-free productivity”, by David Allen. It would be worth your time reading while others are driving on your next expedition to Alaska. I will be looking forward to reading your blogs on your trip to Alaska as this is a trip I would love to make one summer in our travel trailer. However, I have heard the trip can be hard on a travel trailer.
    –Rich Layman



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