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Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #54

The short video included is me riding up an 8% hill. Hills that are this steep I walk some and bike some, but I always eventually make it to the top. Sort of like life, keep plugging away, and don’t give up or quit, and sooner or later you will reach the top.

Tonight we are camped at Woodhead campground on the Brownlee Reservoir on the Idaho side, which is the Snake River. I bought a one day Idaho fishing license and some jigs and went down and fished for Crappie off the dock for awhile, no luck, so I am going to go back this evening and try again when it is cooler.

Today’s ride was good except Kathy’s bike broke again. We worked on it for several hours at camp but couldn’t get it to work. It has a 9 speed internal rear hub transmission and it quit working. We will be in Baker City, Oregon tomorrow and have a extra day there as a rest day so they are going to a bike shop and see what they can do.

We had a couple of really long, 8 mile and 10 mile, down hill runs today, I was going 25 to 32 mph most of the time. Of all the different parts of the trip these “down hill runs” probably have the most potential for accidents because of the speed and how much more careful you have to be. Most of the time when we are really going fast I have this incredibly strong urge to scratch, pick my nose, look in the mirror to see if anybody is coming, or to see how far back Cliff is, look at the speedometer to see how fast I am going, or turn and smile at the driver in the car that is barely able to pass me, but it is super important not to take your eyes off the road even for a second, keeping the bike on the road, watching for rocks, bolts, truck tire pieces, and pot holes. I sometimes wonder what I would look like after sliding on the pavement for 20 feet, that would sure make for some exciting pictures for my blog!😀

Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #52

I am not sure how successful this blog will be. I may fall asleep any minute while writing this. We are camped at ,”Zim’s Hot Springs, at “New Meadows, Idaho”, they have two pools and in the first pool the water is 104 degrees and in the second it is 95 degrees. I spent an hour in the pool and I am very relaxed and sleepy, so we will see how this blog turns out.

We rode our bicycles 76 miles today, and 2/3’s of those miles we were following the Salmon River up stream all the way to the source. It is a very beautiful river that looks a lot like the deschutes River even with large groups of rafters floating it. As I said we followed the Salmon river upstream so most of our riding was up, though it was a reasonable degree of steepness so it wasn’t a killer.

We have been seeing a number of bicyclists who are doing the TransAmerica, an official, across the U.S. bicycle route that thousands do every year. We have talked to a number of them, which is always fun. There were a couple of “old guys” at our camp site last night who were riding the TA route, and they were very enthusiastic about our route as well.

Tomorrow we are riding 77 miles with lots of hill climbing, so it is going to be a tough day. We will camp next to the Brownlee Reservoir on the Idaho side, and then the next day we will ride to Baker City, Oregon, getting closer!

Well we are close to being finished, and we have not had a single flat tire, that is a first for any bicycle trip I have been on in the past! Several of you have asked how my neck is doing. It is doing quite well, stiff at the end of a day, but not the pain I was having at the start of the trip. My neck muscles are getting in shape and also a friend sent me some muscle liniment that really works well. I am feeling good all over, neck, butt, legs, hands, and arms, all good.

Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #51 and #52

We haven’t had cellular or WiFi for a couple of days now so you have been missing me😀! We left Lolo Hot Springs and bicycled along this river called the Lochsa River all day long yesterday, it was very beautiful. We then camped at “Wilderness Gateway Campground”,which is right next to the river. The sound of the river was loud, but sleeping in my tent 15 feet from it was awesome. I wished that I had thought to get an Idaho fishing license before we got to camp, because it looked like a great trout fishing river, and we saw people fishing in it as we bicycled next to it. Today we left “Wilderness Gateway” and rode along the Lochsa some more for 51 miles, and then Kathy’s bicycle broke, some screws that held the pedal on to the sprocket broke. Tom had gone on ahead with the motorhome, and we had no cell service where we were, so Cliff and Kathy started walking pushing their bikes, and I took off on my bicycle hoping to get cell service pretty soon. I got to the town of Kooskia, and they had no cell service there, but the local tavern had WiFi so I went in there and ordered a cup of coffee and called Tom using WiFi. He answered and I asked him where he was, and he said he was in Kooskia across the street from the Selwig Tavern, so I walked out and waved at him. By the time we got Cliff and Kathy picked up and Kathy’s bicycle fixed the day was shot, so we rode our bicycles for 51 miles and rode in the RV for 25 miles, and now we are in Grangerville, Idaho at the “Bear Den RV Campground”. The 25 miles that we rode in the RV included a very, very big, huge, steep, awful, killer, mountain and as we drove up it in the RV, with the engine in low gear and laboring, I silently prayed, “thank You Jesus for breaking Kathy’s bike.

Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #50

Today we rode from Hamilton, Montana to Lola Hot Springs. It was 65 miles and though it was very cloudy all day and cold, it didn’t rain very much on us. The first 40 miles were on the “Bitterroot Trail”, a paved bicycle trail. I love riding on bicycle trails because you can enjoy the scenery and the ride so much more when you don’t have to be keeping track of traffic. Also, most bike trails are fairly flat so the riding is much more relaxed and casual. When we finished the trail we had a 25 mile ride up toward Lolo Pass. Even though it was uphill the entire 25 miles it was never above 6% grade, and so we handled it pretty good. Overall it was a very nice day of riding.

As the name implies there is a hot spring here so we went and sat in it. It was very hot and felt so good. I sat in it for so long that my legs were rubbery and I thought I was going to have to find someone to help me back to the campsite, but I MADE IT. I sure am hoping that tomorrow is a day without rain.

Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #49a

This is a picture out the window of our RV that we are all sleeping in tonight. You can’t tell very well from the picture, but it is monsooning out. We just read a weather alert that the Bitterroot River has gone above flood stage in Darby which is 6 miles from where we are camped and the river running 20 feet away is the Bitterroot River. Man, I hope this RV floats.