Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #46

Today we rode 72 miles, leaving Ennis, Montana at 7:00 am, and pulling into the KOA campground in Dillion, Montana at 2:30 pm. We started right out by climbing for 2 hours going up about 2,000 feet. It was nice that it was first thing while we were fresh and it was cooler. The rest of the ride was mostly downhill with some rollers thrown in for fun (note the picture as an exclamation of what a roller is). When I first started doing these bicycle trips in 2011 a hill like we had this morning on a trip profile that I would look at in preparation for the next day would totally psyche me out. I would think about it all night long, have dreams about it, and I was totally exhausted before I ever even attempted to climb it the next day. Now, it really isn’t that much of a big deal. The big hills are hard, but that is what the bicycle trip is about, challenges. I usually have to shift down into my lowest gear and crank along at about 4mph. I take a 1 minute break just about every mile to drink a little bit and rest my body, especially my butt. Sometimes with hills that are greater than 6 % grade I will have to get off and walk, but I enjoy using different muscles, and giving my butt a longer break. But after awhile we are at the summit, and then we get to go down. “Inch by inch, anything is a cinch”.

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