Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #50

Today we rode from Hamilton, Montana to Lola Hot Springs. It was 65 miles and though it was very cloudy all day and cold, it didn’t rain very much on us. The first 40 miles were on the “Bitterroot Trail”, a paved bicycle trail. I love riding on bicycle trails because you can enjoy the scenery and the ride so much more when you don’t have to be keeping track of traffic. Also, most bike trails are fairly flat so the riding is much more relaxed and casual. When we finished the trail we had a 25 mile ride up toward Lolo Pass. Even though it was uphill the entire 25 miles it was never above 6% grade, and so we handled it pretty good. Overall it was a very nice day of riding.

As the name implies there is a hot spring here so we went and sat in it. It was very hot and felt so good. I sat in it for so long that my legs were rubbery and I thought I was going to have to find someone to help me back to the campsite, but I MADE IT. I sure am hoping that tomorrow is a day without rain.

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