Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #51 and #52

We haven’t had cellular or WiFi for a couple of days now so you have been missing me😀! We left Lolo Hot Springs and bicycled along this river called the Lochsa River all day long yesterday, it was very beautiful. We then camped at “Wilderness Gateway Campground”,which is right next to the river. The sound of the river was loud, but sleeping in my tent 15 feet from it was awesome. I wished that I had thought to get an Idaho fishing license before we got to camp, because it looked like a great trout fishing river, and we saw people fishing in it as we bicycled next to it. Today we left “Wilderness Gateway” and rode along the Lochsa some more for 51 miles, and then Kathy’s bicycle broke, some screws that held the pedal on to the sprocket broke. Tom had gone on ahead with the motorhome, and we had no cell service where we were, so Cliff and Kathy started walking pushing their bikes, and I took off on my bicycle hoping to get cell service pretty soon. I got to the town of Kooskia, and they had no cell service there, but the local tavern had WiFi so I went in there and ordered a cup of coffee and called Tom using WiFi. He answered and I asked him where he was, and he said he was in Kooskia across the street from the Selwig Tavern, so I walked out and waved at him. By the time we got Cliff and Kathy picked up and Kathy’s bicycle fixed the day was shot, so we rode our bicycles for 51 miles and rode in the RV for 25 miles, and now we are in Grangerville, Idaho at the “Bear Den RV Campground”. The 25 miles that we rode in the RV included a very, very big, huge, steep, awful, killer, mountain and as we drove up it in the RV, with the engine in low gear and laboring, I silently prayed, “thank You Jesus for breaking Kathy’s bike.

1 thought on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #51 and #52

  1. Maureen

    Really enjoying your posts Pastor Dee. Very inspiring. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading them every night. The no Wi-Fi thing is killing me though…🙂



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