Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #58

We rode 85 miles today from Prairie City to Mitchell with a really, really big, steep, tall, ugly, hard, hot, humongous, mountain to climb, and to make matters worse they were putting down chip seal on about 40 miles of the ride today so we were riding in loose gravel, but we made it and are sitting in the city park where we are camping. The first thing Kathy did when we got here was pull out the watermelon that was in the fridge of the RV and cut it up, and we ate it, whooooeeeeee that was good after that ride. I tried to talk the lady driving the pilot pickup to put my bike in the back and drive me through the gravel section, but couldn’t get her to do it, and I used my most pathetic, and pleading voice.

Well only 3 more riding days left in this 61 day, 3,200 mile bicycle trip. It has been super awesome, I have gotten in good shape, lost 30 lbs, read a bunch, wrote a bunch, prayed a bunch, and got totally revived and renewed for another year of amazing ministry.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #58

  1. Bob Kill

    Don’t forget my commitment to cover your extra money, so you stay within your planned budget.Don’t tell anyone though, I need all the stones I can get for that crown I’m going to be casting at the feet of Jesus when I get to Heaven.

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  2. 520randall

    I praise God you are surviving this trip Dee! I’m glad you only have three more days! 🙏🏻

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