Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #57

Today we rode 70 miles and we climbed 3 mountains, one after the other, each was over 5,000 feet in elevation, and each one had about 2,000 feet of net climbing. It is a grind to the top of each one, but then comes the payoff with a great high speed ride down the other side. Yesterday I put in a new set of 8 sprockets on the rear wheel of my bicycle with many more teeth than the old one, which means I have a lowered geared bicycle, and it was very apparent today going up these hills, lots of power. We are sleeping in the Baptist Church in Prairie City tonight. Brandon Smith who was on staff at JBC for several years attends this church and works with the Youth, took us out to dinner tonight, and it was super! Tomorrow we will bike 85 miles to Mitchell with one really big, monster mountain to climb. We are getting close to being done with this trip, 3 more days. I am preaching this weekend at JBC, I hope I haven’t forgotten how!

1 thought on “Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #57

  1. mompalomo

    85 miles in one day? Ouch, wow, yikes, amazing, and more. I am totally blown away at your strength and stamina exerted on this trip. We do remember Brandon Smith, and hope he is doing well. We also have happy/sad memories of Mitchell, for the field trips the Scio kids took there and the painted hills. Sad because of the death of a much-loved teacher, Mrs. Meisner, that two of my kids had. She had grown up in Mitchell and taught the kids so much. Blessings and prayers for your remaining miles, and an awesome day of preaching at JBC. Wish I could be there. I hope you’re still being recorded. This trip is one for the record books.



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