Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #59

We road 75 miles today, and tomorrow we are going to ride another 75 miles so we have ridden over 70 miles for the last 14 ride days, and 80 or more for 5 of those days with lots of uphill riding as Pader of it, and we are handling it quite well. Riding a bicycle for two months does get you in shape. We are in Redmond tonight, Idanha tomorrow night and then home!

I had a bee sting me on my upper lip a couple days ago, and today one hit the back collar of my coat and went down, and got me on the back. I stopped really fast and as Tom stopped behind me I yelled at him to quick smack me on the left shoulder and scratch hard, he did and tonight when I showered I shook out one dead bee from my shirt.

Probably the thing that is the greatest challenge for us most days is the wind. A head wind is worse than climbing a steep hill. Every night we check the weather report not to see if it is going to rain but to see what direction and speed the wind is going to blow. Today we had a relentless, all day long, strong head wind, so that we even had to pedal hard going downhill. One of the things we do to help is ride close behind each other, and rotate who rides in the front. We don’t go any faster, but we do get a break and a chance to use less energy for a while. While we are doing that we have to pay close attention so we don’t run into the person in front of us and cause them and possibly ourselves to crash.

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