Dee’s Bicycle Trip day # 56

Today was our rest day, but I worked on my bicycle most of the day. We drove 40 miles in the RV to La Grande to a bicycle shop, there wasn’t one in Baker City, and I bought some different pedals and shoes, the old fashioned kind that you aren’t locked onto the pedals with. I decided that I had fallen down to many times to think I was ever going to get coordinated enough to do it right 100% of the time, and I am getting to old to fall over on my bicycle, and expect not to get hurt one of these times. I also got a new set of sprockets for my rear wheel that are lower geared for riding up all the hills we do. On my old set the big sprocket had 26 teeth and on my new one the big sprocket has 34 teeth. On the back the big sprocket is the lowest gear, so I should be able to get a higher cadence and more mechanical advantage and power going up the hills. As I got started working on it, I realized I needed a special tool to get the sprockets off, so being an ex-farmer, I did it the farmer way, I got a hammer. I did finally get it off, and then I didn’t do a very good job of remembering where everything went as I took it apart, and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back together. To really complicate the process the little round bearings inside the wheel fell out, and I wasn’t sure how to get them back in. I could get them in but they just fell out again when I was putting something else in. I was starting to get irritated and frustrated and 3 or 4 other words as well, when Tom suggested we eat dinner and relax a little, he had barbecued pork chops, and made mashed potatoes and gravy. While we were eating I googled on my IPad “How to service Trek Shimano rear axle” and watched several You Tube lessons on how to do it. I then went out and had it all done in 30 minutes, super! Well tomorrow we ride to Prairie City, 60 miles with 3 passes to climb with over 6,000 feet of accumulated climbing. That will be the real test for my bike remodel job.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day # 56

  1. Curt Meadows

    Hi Pastor Dee,
    Enjoying your trip and the great comments you make. I really liked the one about taking your shirt off and not causing any accidents. I’m there with you. As I get older (now 70) I realize I don’t have the muscles, skills, etc. that I used to have. It is frustrating but I thank our Lord Jesus daily that he is helping me cope with that and so many other things. Gotta go for now. Keep riding safely, enjoy the trip and you’ll be home soon. Thanks, Curt



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