Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #40

This is a rest day for us, and I am enjoying sitting in my lawn chair all day reading sports news, planning the rest of the trip, planning next years trip, drinking lots of coffee, and taking two or three naps. We usually take rest days on Sunday so we can go to church, but tomorrow and the next 5 days we will be at primitive campgrounds, near no towns with churches, the kind with a pit toilet, a central water source and nothing else, so we stayed here so we could get all the cloths washed.

Wow, it doesn’t seem like 40 days have gone by already on this bicycle trip, seems like I have just now gotten into shape. 21 days left until we are home again, 2 rest days and 19 ride days, with 4 days being 82 miles long each day, and the rest less with only 2 days being hard climb days, like the last week has been, which means we are now on the easiest 1/3 of the trip😀 We also are on the most scenic part of the trip, with Yellowstone, mountains, trees, rivers, and lakes as part of the scenery we will be riding through.

I am not sure when zippers were invented, but it was before I was born I am sure, and in all those years hardly any improvement has been done. You would think that with rocket ships, cell phones, computers etc that someone could invent a zipper that works. I have two zippers on my tent, and they both now come apart in the middle after they have been zipped up leaving a gaping hole where there should be none. One on the rain fly which means that if we get into a rain storm at night, it will let a ton of water inside my tent. The second is the screen on the inside wall of the tent which means mosquito’s have a free pass into the inside of my tent at night while I am sleeping, and a free pass to bite me and suck all my blood out at night. And then there is the zipper on my sleeping bag that zips up fine, but in the middle of the night when you want to get out to go to the bathroom it gets stuck, and you are locked into your sleeping bag until you die, but I am not grumbling, I like sleeping in a soaking wet sleeping bag, and I really like waking up with thousands of mosquito bites all over my body, in fact it is one of my favorite things😂😫😩😬

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