Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #39

we rode 92 miles today, leaving camp at 6 am and pulling into this camp at Boulder, Wyoming at 4:30pm, so I was really out of gas. But with a shower and a “Mountain House” freeze dried dinner it didn’t take long until I was feeling good again. We saw lots of antelope along the way today. It reminded me of when the kids were young and we drove through Wyoming, and they would have a contest on who could see the most antelope. We can now see the Teton Mountains clearly so it really adds to the beauty of what we see as we ride. This picture is me with my IPad watching the final game of the NBA playoff’s. Often the campgrounds don’t have a strong enough WiFi to do this, but this Campground did as long as I sat in my lawn chair close to the office. Watching the game was a great way to end a long, hard day on a bicycle seat. I am bundled up in the sweats more to keep the mosquitos off than to stay warm. I had my first dog encounter today. He came running out, and ran around me and my bike several times barking his head off, I yelled at him with my loudest, meanest sounding voice, but I think what worked is I just picked up my speed considerably and he couldn’t keep up with me, wimpy dog!

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