Dee’s Bicycle Trip day # 40, 41, 42, 42, 43, maybe, who knows!

Tomorrow morning we will leave at 6 am and we will camp in a primitive campground, which means pit toilets, no showers, no cell service, no internet, and no running water, cool, I like it. That will probably be the case for the next 5 days so I am throwing in this extra blog just for fun. My next blog will have lots of geyser, mud pit, and boiling pool pictures with maybe some buffalo, bear and elk pictures as well.

I had a few problems today with reserving camp sights. I got the impression somewhere, somehow a month ago that all the Yellowstone camp sights were non-reservation, first come, first serve basis, and then today as I was investigating camp sights I saw that you can reserve them. As I began doing that I found that they were all full except one, so I reserved 3 nights in a row at one camp sight. So that means that the day after tomorrow will be a 105 mile day and then the next day we will ride probably ride around 50 miles as we tour the geysers and stuff. Then the 14th of June we will leave and bike 125 miles to our next camp sight. Wow, that will be an accomplishment if we pull it off. We have the RV as backup so we really haven’t decided for sure how we are going to work that. Might be exciting to set a new personal best on daily miles, and then again it might not😀

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