Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #35

Today we rode 79 miles and climbed over 6,000 feet and went over another 9,000 foot pass and most of the top 5 miles was 8% grade. One of the blessings though was about 7 miles from the top they were doing road construction and had one lane of traffic for 2 miles using a pilot car to lead people through. We couldn’t keep up with the pilot car so they put our bikes in the truck and drove us through. I was riding in the pickup with an older lady and the bicycles were on another truck with Tom on it. I asked the lady how far we were going, and she responded, “2 miles” and I asked how far it was from the summit and she responded “3 miles”, and I said, “any chance you could take us all the way to the top, and let those line of cars and trucks wait a few minutes longer for you to lead them through ?” She said, “sure!” but once we went by the normal stop and turn around place the driver in the truck with the bicycles which happened to be her husband said “NO!” Oh well, can’t blame a guy for trying. Once we got to the summit we had a 30 mile downhill and I never once peddled the bike, just sat and coasted about 20 miles an hour for about 90 minutes, it was very nice after that grind up the other side. We are at a town called Duchesne at Starvation Creek Campground. Best showers yet.

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