I Can’t, I quit, It’s to Hard

The spirit world around us is very real, it is hard to explain the wicked behavior of many without some outside influence being involved. The biggest advantage demons have over us is that we can’t see them so when they talk to us and we hear them in our thoughts we don’t identify the source.

I can say with absolute certainty that without constant monitoring my mind always goes toward the negative. Is that just my own thoughts, or am I getting some help here? This extra, little voice in my head is determined to destroy positive momentum in my life. This voice is constantly whining, complaining, seeing the negative in every situation, and pointing out why things won’t work out, or why they can’t be done. If I don’t take charge of my thoughts they will take charge of me. It is like an untrained dog, if I don’t choose what I am going to think, it is like my mind decides on its own what is going to think, and that is never good.

I have discovered that my mind can’t out shout my voice. When I “hear” my thoughts going negative I audibly say something positive, and it totally puts the clamps on my thoughts. I watched the 2nd NBA championship game tonight between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland, Cavaliers, and one of the keys to winning is very good defense. That is what I need to do with my thoughts, control them, take them captive, and a major tool is speaking positive words. Quoting memorized scripture that is applicable to a situation is amazingly powerful or simply saying, “I can”, “I will”, “I want to”, “let’s do this” and on the list goes. I don’t have to shout these positive words, just saying them under my breath works well. The opposite is just as true, when you speak out negative words, prompted by negative thinking, such as complaining, grumbling, criticizing it is like throwing gas on a fire, and then our negative thoughts become very powerful and the boss. The biggest problem for most is that they don’t listen to what they are thinking so there is no defense and we become increasingly more negative, sometimes to the point that we are stuck. You don’t want that to happen so play some good, positive defense.

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