Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #36

We rode 80 miles today and had one big whopping big hill at the end of the ride. It was one of those hills that the road winds around so every corner you think, yeh this is the end coming up and then you see another bend and section of road going up. I don’t know how many time that happened on this hill, I thought maybe it was going to heaven.

I think I might have gotten a bit of heat stroke on this climb. I got really hot as I cranked on those pedals in low/low on my bike, mile after mile going up that hill with the temperature about 94 degrees. After I got into camp I felt a bit woozy and then nauseous, and now just tuckered out. I am cooling off good in Tom’s RV with the air conditioning running maximum, and drinking lots of water with a cup of coffee thrown in for good measure, and am feeling good enough to write this. We are at Steinaker State Park outside of Vernal, Utah, it is 6 pm and still over 90 degrees.

We have a big hill to climb tomorrow but it is first thing in the morning so it will be cool. This week Monday through Saturday are all tough days with lots of miles and big hills to climb, but next week we will be getting into Yellowstone so I purposely shortened the mileage so we would have plenty of time to see the sights.

I am having a tough time getting my reading and writing goals done tonight because I keep falling asleep, but Kathy said she is going to make a salad for us to eat and that woke me right up.

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