Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #34

This is the 6th major bicycle trip that I have taken in the last 6 years. In 2013 my brother Cliff and I rode our bicycles to Fairbanks, Alaska with Kathy his wife driving a support car. Of the 2500 miles we rode our bicycles on 1500 miles and rode in the car 1,000 miles because of weather, road construction, and bicycle unsafe roads. It was a great trip in which we saw 92 bears, hundreds of bison, lots of moose, deer, elk, and even a couple of wolves. The next year I did the Alaska Trip by myself with Patty and my Mom driving a support vehicle. I only made it 600 miles of the 2500 because I had a wreck on my bike, breaking my bike and spraining my knee. Then 2015 John Smith and I rode what is called the “Northern Tier Route” that goes along the norther border of the US to Portland, Maine where we flew back home with our bikes in a shipping box, we did that trip unsupported with everything we needed on the bikes, and our wives mailing extra freeze dried food to us about every ten days. Our wives did go with us for the first week and then flew back and did another week about half way through the trip. In 2016 John Smith, Richard Klindtworth and I did the “Southern Tier”, San Diego to St Augustine, Florida with all three of our wives on the trip with us riding along in a pickup. Last year John and I and our wives rode around the State of Oregon, 2000 miles with 3 others joining us for the first week of the trip.

For the month of May on this trip I had mentally decided every morning that this would be the last trip like this, I was getting to old, but today I am thinking about next year and what route the trip would take, and who would go, and when we would do it. There is the “Trans-America” route which starts in Newport and goes to Yorktown, Virginia, the “Tip of Florida to Fairbanks, Alaska” trip, and then there is the “hit all lower 48 State Trip”, and any number of trips like this year where we do a big circle or triangle.

My Parkinson’s is doing much better and is getting better by the day, I have lost 17 lbs and feeling really good physically, I have been reading, writing, and praying a bunch and have grown a lot spiritually, I have a scary number of new ideas for ministry, and my vision and passion for life, marriage, family, home, and ministry is cooking hot. Life is good and Jesus is coming back and I am ready.

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