Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #33

I found my handy Dandy doo dad that I can put my SD card from my camera in and download the pictures into my iPad. I looked in every bag, pocket, box, and pack I had so last night laying in bed as I was reviewing the day it popped into my mind that I left it laying on the table in Tom’s RV, I had looked there but I was guessing that it fell off as he drove on some bumpy roads. Sure enough, I looked under the table this morning and there it was, I am so happy now, what a great way to start a day😀!

The first picture shows the road that I peddled up, the second picture shows the view of where I had come from, the third is the summit, and the fourth is a modern day round up, complete with horses and quads. All the land around the area that I was biking in was BLM land, and June 1st is when the ranchers can turn their beef loose in it. Some truck the animals and others who live close enough like this rancher drive them up the road. I chatted with the owner a bit and he said it was a 10 mile walk up the road, so June 1st each year they have a family day of driving cows to to the “high ground” as he called it. As I bicycled up the hill I noticed that there was lots of green grass growing amidst the sage brush so I expected that the cows would have a good day tomorrow.

We have a short ride today, only 28 miles, and mostly a gradual downhill so it feels like a rest day. I don’t normally schedule days that short but sometimes the location of the campgrounds makes it hard to do otherwise. My only other option was to make one day out of yesterday’s 80 miles and today’s 28, and with the amount of climbing in yesterday’s ride I really didn’t want to do that!!

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