Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #32

I am going to get confused now because I used the day of the month in May to tell me what day of the trip we were on because we started May 1st, now I will have to do a little math and add the day it is in June to 31 to get the number of days biking – I think!

Well today we biked 80 miles and it was another 9,000 foot summit as part of the day so it was a challenging day. I left at 6:30 am and pulled into camp at 5:30 pm so it was a long day as well, but that is what this trip is all about so I better quit fussing.

One of the results of having Parkinson’s is my sense of balance is very bad so getting started on my bicycle is a major challenge. If I don’t get some speed up quickly I wobble all over and regularly fall. I bought an electric motor that is the hub of my front tire, and it works very well getting me started. It is a small motor so it isn’t much good helping me up steep hills, but I tried to use it for that purpose a couple days ago and burned it up, so now I don’t have my start up help. I can’t start on a hill at all so what I do is head the bike across the road at a downward angle to help get my speed up quickly, and then just before I get to the other side of the road I turn up and then I pedal back across to the right side of the road. Obviously that won’t work if there are cars coming so I watch and when there is a break in traffic I do my start up routine. I called the company I bought the motor from and they are going to mail the burned up part to a campground we will be at in 5 days so hopefully I will get it running in a week.

One of the characteristics of Utah so far is very strong winds. We are sitting in Tom’s motorhome and it is rocking back and forth like we were in a boat in a rough sea. Several times I have had my tent blow away and I have had to go chasing after it. I hope the stakes that I put in it tonight don’t pull out. Once I get in it, it is pretty secure, I have lost a lot of weight but not so much that my tent would blow away with me in it.

I took some great pictures today, but I can’t find my handy dandy little device that allows me to load pictures from the SD card in my camera into my iPad. I put it someplace where I wouldn’t lose it, but I can’t remember where that is, hopefully by tomorrow it will come to me.

We are camped at Millsap Lake Campground just outside of Ferron, Utah.

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