Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #27

Today was a rest day, and it feels so good to sleep in and not get on that Bicycle for a day. We found a church on line, 12 miles away, and enjoyed attending there very much. A small church in a very rural location with a new pastor, and they had a fellowship time afterwards and I got a piece of cake and coffee, and they also gave a snickers candy bar to all the visitors so I got a good sugar fix for the day. We are camped at 7,800 feet and the water hose that connected water to Tom’s RV was frozen this morning. Last night I had to zip up my sleeping bag and put on my sweat pants and sweat shirt out in my tent to stay warm.

At the church service as part of Memorial Day the pastor read the number of American soldiers who had died in various wars over the years. As I listened I wondered how many people, total have died since Adam. As we visit the various geological sights such as the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, and Yellowstone on this trip we hear tour guides giving lectures or read signs and brochures and the theory of evolution is what is taught which has to have billions of years as part of the theory to even be close to feasible. The number I heard most used for the beginning of “modern mankind”was 50,000 years ago with about 108 billion people born and died in that time.

I believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God, and I believe the “Creation Account” in Genesis is literal and true, so obviously the total number of people who have been born and died is going to be much smaller. As I wonder about that, I wonder how many are with the God of the Bible, that number will be much smaller yet.

Everything I see points to an intelligent creator, and a creator powerful enough to create all I see certainly would be wise, very intelligent and able to communicate to me. I believe He has done that through His creation, His Word, the Bible, and directly to my heart. I read the Bible entirely when I was 13 years old and since then have read it over 200 times, studied it for many hours,and memorized almost 1,000 verses well. All that to say, the Bible claims to be “living”, ” Supernatural”, that is God works in us while we are involved in it, and that has become for me the most convincing proof that the Bible is God’s Word, and my sole authority for what is true and right, and most importantly, how to know God and live with Him forever when I die.

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