Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #26

We began the day by loading the bike’s on the RV and driving 30 miles toward where we were headed today, because it is what we rode yesterday coming into the Grand Canyon, and we knew that there was no shoulder, lots of traffic this Memorial Day weekend, that it would be a very steep downhill, and because it was so rough and so much traffic we would be braking constantly so to be on the safe side we skipped it and started our ride in Kanab, Utah and peddled 40 miles, 30 miles of it uphill. Kanab is officially listed at 4,900 feet elevation, and the camp we are at tonight is listed at 7,800, so a climb of 3,000 feet. It was aided tremendously though by a very strong tail wind, it had to be 15 mph with gusts much stronger. We met a man on a bicycle today who couldn’t hear or speak, but with use of my iPad and his we had a nice conversation. He had panniers on his bike and was pulling a little “Bob” trailer, and had to have had at least 100 lbs of gear. He has been bicycling all over the United States continuously since 2014. He wrote that he rides in the North during the summer and the South during the winter. He was a very nice guy, and I hope we see him again. I didn’t think about getting his email and staying in touch with him, but I will get that if we do see him again, and we probably will because we are traveling the same route for the next week. This camp we are at tonight, Lutherwood Camp, it is a Lutheran Church Camp, is way out of the way, in fact we had to ride 2 miles on a gravel road, and that is not an easy task with these skinny tires that I have on my bike. I found a church on line, 12 miles from here that we are going to attend in the morning, “Duck Creek Community Church”. The picture on their web sight Was a little log building with very nice landscaping. It appears from the web site to be a small church but the reviews by visitors were very positive, so I am expecting to have a blessed time tomorrow gathered with other believers. I am ready for a “rest day” tomorrow. We started the trip with a rest day on Wednesday and Sunday, and now just on Sunday, because with close to a month of bicycling we supposedly are in super shape😀 (for those keeping track on a map of our journey, we are 40 miles North of Kanab, Utah on highway 89, 2 miles East right where road 14 intersects 89 from the West)

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