Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #17

Today we rode 70 miles with lots of climbing, but we had a nice tail wind all day. I think a tail wind is about my favorite blessing while riding all day on a bicycle. Here is a video of me chugging up a hill, and I use the word chugging fairly literally. We are at Tolopah, Nevada tonight and tomorrow we will be in Rachel. Tomorrow we are going to ride 113 miles with 4 big monster hill climbs, in fact we will either be going up a hill or coming down a hill, not much flat tomorrow. We are going to start at 6 am and probably won’t pull into camp until at least 6 pm so it is going to be a 12 to 14 hour day, whoooeeeee. The nice thing is we are going to stay at an Inn so we won’t have to set up tents and all the rest when we get into camp, and we will get to sleep on nice beds, and they have dinner and breakfast for us so no cooking either.

In the 4 previous long bike rides like this that I have done it seems like day 21 is the tipping point. Every day before that is a grind and I mumble a lot during the day about being crazy, and never doing anything like this again, and act your age, and what are you trying to prove, and on on it goes. This year has been similar except that I am expecting that all to change on day 21 like in past years, so I kind of humor myself as I grumble, and focus on the end of the ride and how much more enjoyable it is going to be. My life is like that now, I am well past the “tipping point”, and I am on the end of the trip now. The main difference now is that I have a peace about life and don’t get all uptight about difficulties, unexpected trials, conflicts, and all the rest of the pressures of life, because we have gone through so much and it has turned out. There really isn’t that much new coming around, same old stuff often in a different format, but the same. At this point there is a very strong sense and faith in the fact that everything has happened according to God’s plan and will continue to, so it is all good.

1 thought on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #17

  1. Rod Beckner

    Nice…. Decent shoulder, rumble strip out of the way, temperature must be good since you have your coat on. If the landscape continues looking more & more barren, we will imagine you are riding on the moon!



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