Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #16

we have been riding through Nevada for several days now and we have 3 more to go before we get into Utah. This is what most of the scenery looks like. It is beautiful in it’s bareness, but it is hard to image anything living in those mountains, but I am sure there are lots of deer, sheep, and probably javelinas as well. We rest on Wednesday’s and Sundays, and in another week we will rest just on Sundays, so today was a rest day. Today I changed my tires, and put on brand new “Gatorskins”. The ones I took off had about 6,000 miles on them without a single flat. I checked and the wear indicators were gone so I thought I better put the new ones on.

I enjoy our rest days very much not only because of the rest, but because of the uninterrupted reading and writing that I get to do. My brain seems to work better than usual when I am doing as much exercise as I am doing now, and there isn’t much else happening in my life now to distract my brain so my thinking and pondering is very focused. The older I get the more I enjoy writing, putting words and phrases together that are a clear expression of what I have learned from life, others, the Bible, and what God has put into my mind and heart over the years, that would have the wisdom to guide, motivate, and teach others who will eventually read it.

I am well aware of the fact that much of what is communicated today both verbally and in writing is foolishness. I don’t write that as a judgmental statement of being better or smarter than others, but discerning that often words are said as an emotional response to an offense, a hurt, or a perceived violation of personal rights, and usually are way out of balance if not simply not true. Those words usually prompt more of the same from others which are out of balance in an opposite direction.

I truly want to communicate wisdom marked by gentleness, and truth that is full of grace.

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