Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #15

Today was the shortest in miles that we have peddled on our bikes, than any day so far or yet to come for the trip. We only rode 35 miles, but we had a strong head wind all day and several big hills so it didn’t seem like a light day when we rolled into camp, I was tuckered out. I am really tired every day when when my “Bicycle Mapping Program” on my bike computer says, “You have arrived”. After we go through the formalities of checking in at the office, finding out what spaces are ours, and getting instructions on how to operate the lock on the bathroom doors and what the combination is, how to hook up to the Wi-Fi and what the pass word is, and the other camp rules about pets, fireworks etc, the first thing I do is pull my very comfortable camp chair out of the back of Tom’s RV, set it up in the shade, sit down in it and take a nap! Then after about 20 minutes I go take a shower, change out of my biking cloths, and go sit in my chair some more. If the office that we checked into had a store I will buy something cold to drink, usually a Pepsi. After that little “recovery ritual” I will set up my tent, air mattress, sleeping bag etc, and enjoy the rest of the evening. I don’t sleep very well at home because of my Parkinson’s and rarely get more than 5 hours of sleep so I am always sleepy. On this trip I usually am in my sleeping bag on my 2 inch blow-up air mattress by 9:00 pm and wake up and take a shower at 4:00 am which is 7 hours of sleep. It has been a long time since I have regularly, each night slept for 7 hours, and it is feeling really good. Obviously what is making this happen is the hours of bicycling I am doing each day so I am determined to increase my normal 1 hour of stationary bike riding to 2 hours when I get back home. I can read, listen to sermons and audio books, and pray while I ride so it won’t be time lost. The question is, will I have the self-control to do it? What do you need to do more of in your life? Bible ?Prayer? Make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #15

  1. Laurie Miller

    Thank you for the words of encouragement! Perseverance is one of those character traits I have a love/hate relationship with. I know it produces character & character hope so I will not be ashamed when I stand before our Savior but oh how hard is the choosing each day.
    I am currently tapped out from seasonal allergies, happens every year so it is a familiar adversary. Nothing I take can compensate for the mental fog, fatigue, & overwhelming desire to just give up plus I’m pushing 60. After a full day caring for my 28 lb grand daughter mostly on my hip I tackled a blood draw at 8 in order to meet the needs of my mother in law today. I’m learning to ask Jesus not only for the strength to obey but to sense His pleasure upon me when I obey Him. Worship—- I can get my body in line better than keeping my heart in check. Constantly turning over cares & mindful of Christ. More of Jesus less of me. 👍



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