Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #13

Today was a rest day in Fallon, Nevada. We rode 5 miles to a church nearby, named Grace Bible Church and had a good time worshipping and listening to good preaching. On the ride back to camp it poured rain on us, and tomorrow it is predicted that it is going to rain most of the day. In the morning before we leave at 7:00 am I will throw my tent in the dryer and possibly my sleeping bag as well. I didn’t think it rained in Nevada, but it got right with it today. I bought a neck brace at Walgreens, one of those cheap ones that you buy and use if you get whiplash in a car accident. Several of my Parkinson’s friends have e-mailed me and reminded me that muscle cramps and pains are a Parkinson’s issue and a key is to keep the muscles warm so I think this might help, and I was also going to stop at a Walmart’s and get some of those chemical hand warmers that I have used when fishing, and put it under the neck brace right where the muscle pain occurs. Tom Zilverberg who is on the trip has a 28 foot RV that he is following us with. The campground where we are at today has free Television cable hookup at each sight, and Tom has a Television in his RV so today when we got home from church Tom, Cliff and I watched an NBA playoff game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics, that was a treat, especially since the Celtics creamed the Cavaliers. I think I have told you this before, but Tom’s routine is to leave in the morning, ride 20 to 30 miles, then ride back, and drive the RV to the next camp, he usually gets to the camp about the same time as Cliff, Kathy, and I do. Tomorrow is a 75 mile day, and it should be a great day of riding in spite of the rain that is predicted, I have good bicycling rain gear.

1 thought on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #13

  1. Mike Wilde

    Dee, you are creative and resourceful. I think this is one of your strengths. Stay safe, warm and full of grit.



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