Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #5

we are camped tonight near Fort Rock in a nice little campground. I rank campgrounds on several things, but the main one is the showers. A shower with lots of pressure and lots of hot water is like a nice massage after a long day of riding. So many campgrounds in order not to spend to much money on heating water have as much water spraying out as I can spit. We had a very nice day riding today. We rode 63 miles and there wasn’t very many hills. The 7 things that I hate most on a bicycle trip we have been totally free from so far on this trip. No mosquitos, not even one. Mosquitos like to fly along with a bicycle rider and bite him in a place that isn’t easy to swat, and cause him to swerve all over the road trying to get him. No rumble strips. People who plan for rumble strips on roads hate bicycle riders. They make them a foot wide and leave a foot between the rumble strip and the edge of the road which is really difficult and dangerous to ride in, so you are left to ride in the road with everyone who goes by honking, yelling and making various hand gestures because we are not off the main road. No rain, I hate riding in the rain. No head winds. Riding into a head wind is worse than going up a hill because a hill ends and then you get to go down. Head winds are relentless, and if I change direction so does the wind, so far none. No dogs, we haven’t had a single dog chase us with the obvious intent of eating us. No hot weather, the temperature has been in the low 70’s with lots of cloud cover, it has been super comfortable riding so far. Not to many rude and stupid drivers who like to get as close to a bicycle rider as they can without hitting him. I usually pray for them when they pass, that God would curse them with 6 months of really bad diarrhea, but so far no prayers like that. I don’t expect that what we have been having for riding conditions to continue, but I say “Thank You Jesus” for every day like today.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #5

  1. Laurie Miller

    Had a good chuckle reading 7 things you hate worst while biking. Reminded me of reading, A Fine and Pleasant Misery by Patrick McManus, same flair for drawing the reader to see your dilemma. Yeah for none of the faithful 7 so far.


    1. Rod Beckner

      So glad to hear things are going well & spirits are up. How’s Gene and the rest of the group? Maybe a group photo in a future post. I imagine the good smell of that desert air.



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