Fear of Failure

I went for a bicycle ride today. My goal was to go about 20 miles as a comfortable warm up for the 3,400 mile journey we leave on in 5 days. I rode 2 miles and turned around and went back home. I was totally done in when I got home and went and sat in my recliner for a couple hours to recover. When I was recovered enough to think clearly I started getting very uptight about the upcoming bicycle trip and the probability of me making it past the first day. A major part of the fear is that I have successfully finished 5 major bicycle journeys of over 2000 miles and 2 of them were over 4,000 and I blogged about each one and in the process I have picked up around 4000 faithful readers who think that I can successfully ride a bicycle anywhere for any length of time. So if I fail miserably to get past even the first day of riding on this trip it seems like the whole world is going to know, and I am going to feel like a major wimp. Now the challenge is trying to figure out how much I am motivated by the applause of people, and how much of that is ok with God. One thing I do know is the first two days of riding are going to be really, really hard, whoops I make fun of people who say the “hard” word. Anyway, the first two days are going to be a challenge in more than one way.

2 thoughts on “Fear of Failure

  1. kdrivercorbanedu

    Thanks Pastor Dee,

    God’s been teaching me humility lately. It’s a hard discipline but worthwhile.

    I’m praying that God will strengthen you for your trip!

    Best regards,


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  2. Sam Warner

    Thanks for being real. Thanks for challenging yourself. These events challenge us right along with you.
    Regardless the outcome of your desire, we are blessed by the sharing of your struggles and insights.
    May God continue to lift you up.



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