Patty and I drove up to see my Mom today where she lives in Trout Lake, Washington. It is about a 3 hour drive from our house to hers. She hasn’t been doing very well so I expected the worst in the sense of her attentiveness and memory, but she was very “with it”, and we had a very nice visit. Her and Patty do most of the talking along with my sister who lives just across the driveway from my Mom and is her main caregiver, so I mostly just sit and listen and throw in a grunt now and again to show that I am tracking with the conversation. As the ladies were talking I was reminiscing about my growing up years trying to remember all that my Mom did for me in the way of Christian training and motivation. I have a strong faith and a very close and intimate relationship with the Lord, and God has blessed my life, marriage, family, and ministry over the years, and I know the reason is because I was well parented by my Mom and my Dad. I am a product of very faithful, diligent, and responsible parents. My life is very much a result of factors that I had no part in choosing, so I can hardly take credit for anything that I am or have done, so I want to be especially careful in thanking my Mom and not taking her for granted, and thanking the Lord for the way He has sovereignty worked in my life and never taking Him for granted or forget to thank, praise, and worship the Lord for what He has done in my life.

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