How to have an awesome marriage #4

For a marriage to be in the awesome category it must be blessed by God. There are a number of activities or conditions that will bring God’s blessing into our marriage, and there are several that will guarantee that we will not be receiving anything from God to make our marriage special. The number one thing on the part of either husband or wife that will negate every speck of blessing from God is bitterness. Bitterness is failing or refusing to forgive someone of an offense, real or imagined, that they have committed against us, especially our spouse. In The gospel of Matthew Jesus says that if we don’t forgive others God won’t forgive us, and we then experience all the consequences of unforgiven sin in our life and in our marriage. In Matthew 18 Jesus says that if we don’t forgive, that God turns us over to the “torturers “, which would probably mean that demons are allowed access to our life to make us miserable. Sounds like a miserable marriage to me. God expects us to forgive anybody of anything, not because they deserve it, but because He has forgiven us of everything and we didn’t deserve it either. Husbands and wives often refuse to forgive their spouse because they think that by staying angry and bitter they will discourage further offenses, and by forgiving quickly they are saying that the offense was “no big deal”. God’s presence, power, and protection are promised to the person who humbles themselves and forgives their spouse of anything, and trusts God to change their spouses character. In the gospels when Jesus visited His home town it says that “He could not do many miracles there”. Jesus was limited in what He could do by the small faith of the people. God can change the heart of our husband or wife, but we greatly limit what God can do in our spouse’s life and in our marriage by our failure to forgive. It takes some work, but we can train ourselves to forgive anybody of anything quickly, it is not an impossible command. The trilogy of commandments “take no offense”, “give no offense”, and “forgive quickly”, would powerfully impact and change any marriage if the marriage partners could train themselves to successfully do it.

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