How to have an Awesome Marriage

JBC had a marriage retreat at Odell Lake Lodge this weekend, and it was amazing. Our host, the owner of the lodge and his crew were so good in their service, and the food they prepared for us. We had 24 couples here, and they all seemed to have a great time. Pastor Mike and I both taught in the sessions. The title of my sessions was “The Ten Commandments of Great Marriages”.

The first commandment is “keep God first place in your life, and your spouse second”. Jesus said, “if you love father or mother or husband or wife or son or daughter more than Me, you are not worthy of me and you cannot be my disciple”. Whatever we are depending on as our primary source of joy in life is our god, and many well meaning Christians have made their spouse their primary source of joy. That expectation sets us up for continual disappointment in our marriage partner, and also because we are practicing idolatry, we lose God’s blessing on our marriage. The writer of Psalms 73 said, “besides you I desire nothing, and besides you I need nothing”. Doesn’t seem very romantic to say, “God is my main source of joy”, but if we want God’s blessing we need to be able to say that. God will have no other God’s before him, not even our husband or wife.

So, a key to our marriage growing in intimacy is for us to grow in our relationship with God. The more intimate our relationship with God, the more intimate our relationship with our spouse can be. Paul said in the New Testament, “I consider everything in life to be like garbage in comparison to my desire to know Jesus”.

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